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Every first class studio has the right gear for the work, but long detailed equipment lists are pretty boring for most folks, and they’re out of date in a month. In a nutshell, we record through an automated Euphonix CS2 56 input analog console to a 96/24 ProTools HD2 system loaded with tasty plug-ins. Outboard equipment from Focusrite, Anthony DeMaria, Joe Meek, Lexicon, Massenburg, James Demeter keeps us gear heads very happy. We have a lot of mics for all occasions – Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Rode, CAD Audio, Shure and EV. Plus plenty of classic modules for Midi fans.

Niko’s impressive collection of vintage guitars and basses is available to those who inspire his confidence. Our Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Bogner amps make most guitar and bass players smile. On the studio floor, we keep a Fender Rhodes suitcase piano, and the best-sounding Hammond B3 in town (tweaked by the legendary Bobby Whitlock), plus an early 70's Ludwig drum kit. You’re welcome to use our gear at no extra charge. We can usually arrange for special requests – like a Steinway grand – within 24 hours.

For questions, rates and booking information, contact Daniel at (901) 276-8520 or niko@cottonrowrecording.com.

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