Your tracks are the heart of your recording, and we take them seriously. Our live room is spacious, and includes carpeted and wood floor areas plus 2 iso booths. For players who like playing direct in the control room, there’s plenty of room for that. If you’re a self-contained band, great!
If not…

Session Musicians

We know the Memphis players – veterans and up-and-comers – in virtually every style. So if you’re a solo artist and need a whole band or just want some selective overdubs, we’ll bring in the right musicians to fit your music.


Mixing is one of Niko’s strongest interests, and we think our mixes are on a par with the best you’ll hear from the coasts or Nashville.


If you’re a producer, or an artist producing yourself, you can rest easy – your engineer is also an experienced producer who can anticipate your needs and fill them. If you’re interested in Niko producing or co-producing your tracks, package deals can be made. If you’re not experienced in the studio and don’t have a professional producer on board, we recommend you strongly consider this option.

Live Recording, Studio Fix & Mix

We’re highly experienced in live recording, for CD/download, movies and TV. We set up an on-site control room near the performance area, recording tracks with the same quality as the top location trucks at a fraction of the price. Back at Cotton Row, we analyze the recording, overdub to repair any live missteps, then mix.

Your Tracks – We Fix & Mix

Many musicians are recording tracks at home, but few of those setups have the power, sophisticated plug-ins and outboard gear a professional mix requires, and few home recordists have the decades of experience that deliver the best mixes. Bring Niko your tracks, we’ll overdub and replace tracks as needed and mix your music to its best advantage.

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